All of the Benefits of a Vacation Rental Management Company

If you own a home on the Isle of Palms or are thinking about investing in one, we understand how massive an undertaking that is. Here at East Islands Rentals, we know all the ins and outs of a professional management program, and we take property care and owner relationships seriously. Some people do not understand the benefits of a vacation rental management company, and this blog will detail why you should consider getting your home a professional helping hand.

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What Does a Vacation Rental Management Company Provide?

Regionalized Expertise

Hiring a local management team means getting the regionalized expertise you otherwise may not have. Suppose you are buying a vacation rental in another state or country. In that case, it can help to have a team that knows the local area to better market your home and navigate any local customs that you may be unfamiliar with.

Wider Property Exposure

Working with a property management company usually entails your product being available on OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) such as Airbnb or VRBO and their website. Managing channels by yourself is a chore and can lead to fewer bookings or overbooking if your channels don’t talk to each other. A property management team can take care of all these issues and give you an additional channel to create revenue!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Hiring people to maintain and clean your home before and after guests arrive can be tedious and cause unnecessary stress. With a local management team, you will work with reliable maintenance and cleaning staff that can respond to guests’ emergencies during their stay without having to be leashed to your phone 24/7.

Increased Profitability

Most vacation destinations have times and seasons where the demand is higher and lower, so it is important to be able to price your property dynamically. With a veteran property management team, they know how to dynamically price your property to bring back the highest profit possible based on experience in the market.

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