Here’s How You Can Practice Social Distancing on Isle of Palms

Want to get away from it all? COVID-19 has impacted the entire country in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few months ago. We spent spring indoors as a nation and now we all need some fresh air and Vitamin D. Get yours on Isle of Palms! Our community’s beaches, restaurants, and businesses are now open to the public with appropriate Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and State of South Carolina guidelines. We value to comfort and safety of all our locals and visitors, which is why we want to share some great ways to get away while still practicing safe social distancing on Isle of Palms 

When you’re ready to start planning your much-needed retreat, access our Isle of Palms Vacation Guide. This free resource includes insider information about what to do in our area, which makes it easy to avoid the crowds! 

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It’s Easy to Practice Social Distancing on Isle of Palms. Here’s How!  

It can be hard to keep up with all the information surrounding COVID-19. With much of Charleston County and surrounding areas reopening, it’s important to know what guidelines are in place. Be sure to check out the latest news on Isle of Palms before your trip! 

Have a Beach Day  

What better way to social distance than a trip to the beach? In a popular article circulating by NPR, spending the day at a popular beach or pool is considered low risk! According to the article, “As long as you can stay socially distanced, this could be a pretty safe activity, our experts say.”  

It’s easy to practice social distancing on Isle of Palms Beach! Although it’s a public beach, there are 6.5 miles of shoreline to set up camp and relax. IOP Beach Chair Co., one of our favorite Isle of Palms beach equipment rentals, is available for all your beach day needs. The company is currently only seating three chairs together, but can seat more for families residing in the same household. Reserve your chairs in advance to ensure you get the best available deals! 

Stir crazy from being in the house all spring? Ride some waves with surfing or paddleboarding on Isle of Palms! There are many great local outfitters that will equip you with the gear (properly sanitized, of course!) you need to crush some waves. 

Relax in a Home With East Islands Rentals 

There are many ways to practice safe social distancing on Isle of Palms while exploring our miles of shoreline! Choose from a large selection of oceanfront rentals when you choose to stay with East Islands Rentals. We offer 19 short term rentals within walking distancing of beach access points. Many of our Isle of Palms rentals have private pools for guests who want more privacy and distance from the public! We’ve also implemented increased cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of our guests.  

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